Reuse: Recycle: Recover

The European Landfill Directive, new environmental legislation and taxation has had a major impact on waste management practices and disposal costs. Alchemize can arrange a free site survey to assess your current waste management practice and provide solutions to minimise waste and optimise recycling potential.

Paper, Plastic, Cardboard, Polystyrene, Glass, Metal

Depending on volumes and other factors, it may be economical to segregate your dry waste materials ready for collection and recycling. Your recycling program can be further enhanced by installation of baling machines, shredding machines and compaction.

Food Waste Recycling

We are all increasingly aware of the need to reduce or carbon footprint and environmental impact. Fortunately, there are now many proven technologies and solutions available as an alternative to landfill. Some of the options we can explore for you are: BioGen, Compositing, Anaerobic Digestion, including on-site Composters and Digesters. Recycling of surplus food products and food by-products via the Feed Material Assurance Scheme (FEMAS).

Printed Circuit Boards / Electronic Equipment

Alchemize offers a collection and recycling service for scrap circuit boards, IT equipment and other electronic equipment which may contain precious metals.

IT equipment will be dismantled and component materials are segregated for recycling. Hazardous components such as batteries, mercury, asbestos, etc, are removed from the equipment and disposed of in accordance with current legislation. Full traceability, destruction and disposal certificates can be provided on request.

Drum Reconditioning

Disposal costs can be offset by the re-use or reconditioning of empty drums depending on condition and quantities.

Other materials

We can explore recycling and recovery options on other waste streams arising from your business (dry waste materials, batteries, solvents, oils, etc).

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