Industrial Cleaning

Alchemize has the resources and expertise to assist with the secure off-site disposal of all wastes arising from industrial cleaning, whether from a leaking pipe, spillage, drain blockage, planned maintenance or decommissioning of tanks and plant. We provide the following services:

Pressure Jetting/Cleaning Services

Cleaning of interceptors, drains, sewers, sumps, gullies, bund walls and drainage systems, using vacuum tankers and high-pressure jetting equipment.

Tank Cleaning Services

Cleaning, decontamination, degassing and decommissioning of fuel tanks and other storage tanks, using fully trained cleaning crews.

Spillage clean up

Rapid response service for fuel and oil spillages, using vacuum tankers, jetting equipment and absorbent materials.

Laboratory decontamination/decommissioning

To provide chemical cleaning of laboratory fume cupboards, benches, etc, to remove potentially hazardous chemicals and pathogens prior to re-use or disposal.

Plant decommissioning

Stripping out and disposal of redundant process plants where chemicals and hazardous materials are used: electroplating plants, electronic production and chemical production plants.

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